011 Spadina Road Library

by Desmond


Spadina Road Library was opened in 1977, in collaboration with the Native Canadian Centre. The location was originally on rented premises at 10 Spadina Road. This location was then purchased by the Toronto Public Library in 1980, where it has securely remained ever since. The Branch serves a large First Nations community, and has an impressive array of Ojibway and Cree materials within their collection. The Collection appears to have been in existence since the beginning of the branch, as there are both older materials and new media created specifically for First Nations audiences. It is encouraging to see such an extensive First Nations centric resource available in the heart of downtown Toronto.


Outside of the Library is the word “Masinahhekahnikahmik” in both romanized and Cree syllabics, which means “house of books” or library. This central focus is also reflected in the art works on display and the display cases.

Although the space itself is not particularly large, it is an important resource with an interesting connection to both the present and past community and history of the land.